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Fernley Family Series


The Vicar and the Thief

When love arrives in the form of an angel, who knew she would be the season's most infamous thief?

Mr. Gilbert Fernley has never been a jealous man. As the local vicar, Gilbert finds joy in preparing sermons and tending his flock. Everything in his life seems perfect until he realizes his twin brother has discovered the secret to happiness. Jealous of his brother's recent marriage, Gilbert allows his sisters-in-law to play matchmaker.

Miss Eliza Davenport spends her days as an outcast of Society since her family came by their wealth through trade and not inheritance. When an offer arrives to boost her position, Eliza accepts without thinking through the possible consequences. Caught in a web of thefts and lies, Eliza discovers she is a pawn in a game she cannot win.

With the machinations of his family, Gilbert spends the season in London courting various women only to discover the woman he loves has a secret that could destroy any chance of happiness.

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