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Earls of England

The Earl of Arundel

The Earl of Arundel (book 1)

Phillip Watson, Earl of Arundel is a lover of literature and music. Anyone viewing his family from the outside would think he lived a privileged life. But privilege comes with expectations, and Phillip finds himself engaged to a woman he never considered a match. Accepting his duty, Phillip agrees to the engagement until he nearly dies in an ill-fated accident and is left with amnesia.
Finding himself in an unfamiliar place, without knowledge of his duty or inheritance, Phillip falls for the lovely Miss Emma Parker. Her knowledge of Shakespeare and love of reading make her a perfect match. But when Phillip discovers he is engaged to marry another, and this engagement hinges on an ill-advised bet, he finds the consequences of ending the engagement to be harsher than a ruined reputation.
As Phillip's memories return, he knows it would be akin to death to marry where there is no love. Can he find a way to break the engagement without losing the bet for his father? Or will he adhere to the expectations of his station and marry out of duty?

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