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An Assignation to Remember


Maid in the Stars (An Assignation to Remember book 3)

She loves gazing at the stars and never expected to fall in love.

Lilith Bradley wasn’t born to the serving class, but with her father’s death, she finds herself in the position of scullery maid on Earl Norwood’s country estate. Hard work isn’t supposed to lead to love, but a handsome man and stargazing turn into an emotional disaster as she can’t stop thinking about him while she scrubs dirty floors and empties chamber pots.

Nate Richardson is a lover of science and dreams of joining the Royal Astronomical Society to work alongside the greatest minds in the field. Everything changes when he meets a guarded and mysterious lady who refuses his courtship and discussion of anything personal. When he realizes she doesn’t care about his wealth and is only there for stargazing, he finds his scientific goals no longer matter. He must win her heart.

Lilith and Nate discover nothing in life is simple, especially when it involves family and societal expectations. However, following one’s heart shouldn’t lead to pain, especially if the relationship is made in the stars.

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