Earls of England

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Mr. Fernley and the Lady

When love arrives on a stagecoach, who knew it would be running away?

Archibald Fernley desires a peaceful summer where he can find inspiration to write a novel worthy of publishing. His goal is to observe his fellow passengers on the stagecoach and plot a novel. To his surprise, his character muse is an unlikely lady and daughter of a powerful marquess.

Lady Rosalind Bailey has two choices, marry an elderly duke who requires an heir or run away from home. She sets out with haste by stagecoach for her aunt and uncle in North Durham. The one stipulation her uncle has is she must not bring trouble to his home. Her plan to behave seems perfect until her cousin, Evie, requests help to ensnare their neighbor into a marriage.

Rosalind and Archibald find an easy friendship that could lead to love if not for the obstacles stopping their relationship. Rosalind’s father is determined to marry her off to the elderly duke while Archibald pretends Evie’s continued advances are due to her youthful nature. When Rosalind’s father takes her back to London, Archibald follows hoping his status as second son won’t prevent the marquess from accepting his suit.