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Fernley Family Series

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Mr. Fernley and the Lady

When love arrives on a racing horse, who knew it would require one thousand white lilies?

Mr. Archibald Fernley has secured the most sought-after editor in England only to discover his current manuscript is unacceptable. With a deadline of one month, Archie’s assignment is to discover a topic to enchant the ton while exposing the inequalities in England’s social classes. On the eve of his departure from London, Archie finds himself entangled in a scandal providing him with a bride.

To escape an unwanted suitor, Lady Rosalind Bailey accepts an offer to dance with Mr. Fernley. A waltz leads to scandal when they are discovered in a secluded room without an escort and are forced to marry.

Rosalind and Archie are not a love match, but a summer at Brookside Manor and a courtship culminating with one thousand white lilies could make a world of difference in their marriage and lead their souls to love.

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