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An Assignation to Remember

Unmasking a Lady Front Cover.png

Unmasking A Lady (An Assignation to Remember book 2)

When the masks are removed, will there be love? 

Abigail Warren expected a night of excitement, socializing among London society’s elite at the masquerade ball. When a man she thinks is her friend Marcus asks her to elope with him that same night, she accepts with a bit of trepidation.

Lord Samuel Richardson discovers his mistake far too late in escorting the wrong woman to Gretna Green. There is only one thing an honorable man can do— go through with the marriage and stave off the lady’s further ruin. Unfortunately, this means breaking his agreement of betrothal to Penelope Booth, which carries consequences far beyond his purse and his reputation.

Samuel and Abby find themselves ill-equipped for their impulsive marriage. Samuel cannot rest until he untangles the mess he made by jilting Penelope. Abby wrestles with her growing feelings for her husband, who seems indifferent, all while fending off whispered barbs that she’s a fortune hunter. With such a strained beginning to their marriage, is there any chance for love?

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