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An Assignation to Remember


Wit & Intrigue (An Assignation to Remember book 1)

A marriage of convenience clean and wholesome romance.

Debra Richardson is ready for her first season in London. While most women hope to make a splash in the marriage market, Debra prefers to make her debut by publishing scandalous short stories in a local magazine under a male pen name. Before she leaves her secluded home on the Isle of Wight, her dreams are shattered when she is caught in an innocent scandal and forced into a marriage of inconvenience.

Alexander Evans, the Earl of Trenton, expected to marry his long-time friend, Margaret, until she refused his offer. Finding himself in the midst of a scandal, Alex agrees to a marriage to save both their reputations. Unable to forget his admiration for Margaret, Alex unwittingly injures his wife’s feelings on their wedding day, resulting in her indifference.

Selfishness threatens to destroy their unwanted marriage until both realize they admire the other. The only problem left is for Debra to forgive Alex and for Alex to declare himself in love.

A marriage of inconvenience can't solve innocent scandals, broken hearts, and deferred dreams... but can love?

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